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Nissan 350Z Single GTX Turbo

2003 350z Single Turbo w/ GTX 35

If you think here is another turbo 350Z, you may want to re-think about it this time. (6)

It is more than just adding power, and Gregg understands that. So as you can see here is sway bar, coilover upgrade that was done before the turbo kit.

Also did we mention Clutch upgrade?? with more that 50 years behind this company, here at JTune the weapon of choices is always OS Giken.

As a professional in your performance vehicles, you can expect more from us than just a parts installer, cleaning the bell housing is always part of install.

With boosted vehicles heat control is almost a necessity, Heat warping exhaust piping with high temp. warp

Fitting the turbo exhaust piping, everything is so close

Exhaust cross pipe with wastegate out let, can you say open wastegate dump!! (666)

Fitting up the big front mount intercooler and the pipings

The new GTX looks really good in the Z……

With coolant and oil cool, this is the right way to build a turbo, should be the only way to build a turbo

finishing up the gauges, and setting up the HKS Knock meter, getting ready for the dyno tune.

In a short moment we’ll find out how the new GTX will perform (6)

With around 6 psi of boost the GTX35 made over 450+ whp before redline, so we had to change to a smaller spring. At mere 3 psi it made 372whp/351tq.

We want to thanks Gregg for he’s understanding and thrust in us for is project, it was very please working with you.

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