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J-Tune Performance is a full-service parts, distribution, installation, fabrication, dyno tuning, facility located in Newark, Delaware. On August 2008, the founder of J-Tune Performance took over Car Version 2 and it continues to grow ever since. Unlike other high-performance shops, our performance specialists are certified technicians and true motorsport enthusiasts specialized in Japanese vehicles especially Nissan and Infiniti. With our thorough knowledge of high-performance automotive work, we strive to bring the utmost performance out of the vehicles and meet all of our customer high-performance needs.


Our facility has a complete showroom filled with different exclusive products such as WORK wheels, Vertex, WEDS wheels, TEIN  Coilovers, Tanabe and more. A relaxing guest area with flat screen television allows our customer to wait comfortably. Besides the brands mentioned above, we also offer Advan wheels, VOLK, BuddyClub, Silkroad, GReddy, Endless, Bride and many hard-to-find JDM products.


A spacious projects area occupied by a multi-car bay, fabrication area, and assembly room. Installation, engine, NA or twin turbo built, and custom-fabrication, we can handle it all. Meticulous, precision, and concision works are guaranteed. As an auto enthusiast ourselves, we understand what it takes to make the vehicle both reliable and fast! We value the dedications our customer put into their vehicles and we treat our customer car as if it is one of our own. This is the number one reason why J-Tune is still growing in this economy.


Our Specialists are not only ASE certified but also specifically Nissan certified with over ten years of hands-on experience & the right education. As mentioned above, we treat every car as if it is one of our own and to put it in action; we use 100% hand tools whenever possible. You will not see us using any air tools or handguns just to quickly get the works done! The result is flawless.


In-house dyno tuning provides a complete one-stop shop for our customers. With Dynapack Dyno, we can ensure a secured, accurate, and consistent dyno tune which is crucial to fine-tuning of a vehicle.


Here at J-Tune, we are not only performance specialists but also motorsport enthusiasts. We are constantly active in the motorsport industries and helping the community to show our appreciations. On August 2009, J-Tune hosted its first track day and was such a blast. Thanks for everyone’s support. With today’s motorsport industry, high-performance vehicles not only rely on high horsepower; handling characteristic and the styling (aerodynamic) of the vehicle are both big factors. From daily drive to race application, J-Tune is here to deliver!


Hok Cheng

Hok is a pragmatic thinker, he is also passionate about the performance automotive industry, a car enthusiast and a Factory Trained technician. He founded J-Tune in 2008 and will continues push it into becoming the industry standard by balancing performance and reliability.



Niki is a humorous, spontaneous idealist at J-Tune since 2008. She is in charge of the finance department handling all A/R, A/P and accounting issues. She is a mother of two beautiful girls and she constantly juggles between the two girls and work.

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