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2013 Nissan GTR R35 Black Edition

2013 Nissan R35 Black Edition (PART 1) Kevin’s GTR

Front R35 2013 Black Edition
2013 R35 Black Edition

A surprise visit from one of our customer from Florida. Kevin just picked up this 2013 R35 Black Edition 2 days ago before driving all the way up to Delaware.


As a car enthusiast, Kevin could not wait to improve the performance of this already magnificent beast. So, what is our game plan for this R35?


First starting off with LED interior and exterior lights. It definitely enhance the look of the car !

2013 R35 LED tail light

The legendary GTR taillight just looks much better with Diamond lighting technology LED.

HKS Goodies

As one of the leading performance company in japan, we have summon HKS for this project. (666)


Getting the car ready for all the parts installation, taping headlight,fender and rear bumper before removal of rear lip and front bumper.


laying out the HKS DCT Cooler, checking for all the parts make sure is not damaged, and all parts are account it for.


after the visual inspection next is to pressurize the hose up to 95 psi and check for any leaks before actual installation.


With the aluminum piping not only making the routing much easier, it also lower the weights. ………….. TO BE CONTINUED

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