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Although we specialize in high performance work, we understand that high performance cars need maintenance too. That’s why we offer very competitive pricing on maintenance items because no dealership or quick-lube chain is going to respect your car or all of the hard work you’ve put into it. We’re willing to work with you so you can get the best service as possible. Also, keep in mind that when we said we treat your car just like one of our own, we meant it! That’s why we use mostly hand tools whenever possible.

Full Engine Rebuild


  • Cylinder Head Work

  • Engine Blue Print

Dynapack Dyno Tuning

  • Dyno Pulls

  • Engine ECU Tuning




  • Tig/Mig Welding

  • Custom Headers

  • Custom Turbo Kit

  • Roll Cages/Race Prep.

Maintenance & Services

  • Motul Full Line Fluids Services

  • Advanced Automotive Diagnostics

  • Boost Leak Checks

Other Services


  • Coilover installation & Setup

  • Custom Wheel & Tire Packages

  • 4 Wheel Alignment (Specialized Lowering Vehicles)


VIP Membership Program

  • 1 Team J-Tune T-Shirt

  • Save $10.00/hr on labor based on type of labor rate (customer supplied parts, 3rd parties vehicle subject additional labor)

  • Save $10.00 on Motul Fluids Service

  • Discount rate on J-Tune events

  • Private invitation to J-Tune events

  • 1 Dyno Pull Session

  • $75.00 off on tuning session on both 2wd and 4wd

  • Additional 5% off on Weds, SSR, VOLKS, Grimlight wheels

  • Additional discount on parts (discount various based on brand)

  • 1 vehicle check up with 23 points inspection sheet OR

  • 1 Pre dyno inspection including boost leak check and visual inspection

Average saving of $500.00 !!!

Membership Rules

  • Rule 1: No roll over. All perks must be used before membership expired.

  • Rule 2: Labor rate saving does not applies to current ticket.

  • Rule 3: All perks must be used by the member him/herself on his/her vehicle only.

  • Rule 4: Motul fluids service perks for parts and service provided by J-Tune only.

  • Rule 5: 5% off on wheels does not applies on shipping.

Black Diamond

JTune Performance


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