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2013 Nissan GTR R35 Black Edition ( Part 2 )

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

2013 Nissan R35 Black Edition (PART 2)

Next up is the brake line and fluid upgrade, and the OE style stainless steel brake line is the best one we found

of course Motul RBF600 is a great upgrade

The whiteline sway bar and end links will enhance the steering and cornering of the GTR

The OEM rear sway bar is really small, the whiteline 20mm will be a good upgrade for adding a little more oversteer (6)

Front 33mm sway bar will increase handling and give more grip for the front tires.

The HKS legamax premium exhaust is always a pleasure to look at, And YES that’s Tomei bolt smoothing paste we use for all exhaust bolts

You can count on the HKS’s quality and fitment

AMS Y-Pipe with a resonator and full 304L stainless steel and flex-pipe and hand tig welded

Some JDM stuff added to this Limit edition GT-R, and the Red Diamond lighting LED’s definitely enhance the aggressive look of this Godzilla

We want to take this time to thank Kevin for working with us, and coming a long way from Florida. And I’m sure will work again soon!!!

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