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2009 Nissan GTR R35 Phase 2

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

2009 Nissan GTR R35 So after the Alpha package and all safety equipment installed and few track days later…………..

Yes, picture on the right is what we have removed from the front brembo brakes. The driver side front caliper even changed color

After rebuilding the front OE brembo’s with all new seal kit and fresh brake fluid, now is back to business.

The R35 weight problem has costs many Track GTR customers headache, so we had summon WedsSports for help.

with the Weds AMF technology this SA55M weights a mere 9.93 kg. ( 21.9 lbs.)

A pair of bride Stradia II also weights at around 29lbs. each (the OE. seat is about 65 lbs. each) not only that, but the authentic bride is always a good match for GTR

With the Stradia seats installed there is still a lot of room for full road cage and door bars, perhaps later. (6)

Here is the Yokohama Advan Neova AD08, it will wear good on the Weds SA55M

the Godzilla are wearing armors and ready for battle (666)

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