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Although we specialize in high performance work, we understand that high performance cars need maintenance too. That’s why we offer very competitive pricing on maintenance items because no dealership or quick-lube chain is going to respect your car or all of the hard work you’ve put into it. We’re willing to work with you so you can get the best service as possible. Also, keep in mind that when we said we treat your car just like one of our own, we meant it! That’s why we use mostly hand tools whenever possible.

A spacious projects area occupied by a multi-car bay, fabrication area, and assembly room. Installation, engine, NA or twin turbo built, and custom-fabrication, we can handle it all. Meticulous, precision, and concision works are guaranteed. As an auto enthusiast ourselves, we understand what it takes to make the vehicle both reliable and fast! We value the dedications our customer put into their vehicles and we treat our customer car as if it is one of our own. This is the number one reason why J-Tune is still growing in this economy.


Our Specialists are not only ASE certified but also specifically Nissan certified with over ten years of hands-on experience & the right education. As mentioned above, we treat every car as if it is one of our own and to put it in action; we use 100% hand tools whenever possible. You will not see us using any air tools or handguns just to quickly get the works done! The result is flawless.



Maintenance & Services

  • Motul Full Line Fluids Services

  • Advanced Automotive Diagnostics

  • Boost Leak Checks


Black Diamond

JTune Performance


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