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Jose’s Twin Turbo 350z

Jose’s 2003 350z Jose has a big expectation for he’s 350z, he wanna to have a high horsepower (700+hp) yet daily drivable 350z!!


Here in this pic, he has just bought the car from a dealership about 2 weeks ago, and he is ready to dropping it off to us for the build. As most of the parts are on its way here……. turbo kit, piston, valves, etc……….


So how are we going to do this build? Well…….. let’s start by taking the engine out of the vehicle!! hehe……….


Here the engine is out and ready to be disassemble.


After the engine been removed from the sub-frame, we moved it to a clean environment — to our assembly room for the disassemble!!


Getting fully disassemble and ready for the new goodies to go back in!!!


The goodies are here and is all boxed up!!! It is like candy……. Nice wrap for the 1mm oversize Ferrea valves This build has a very long parts list…. too many things to be listed all here!!! Below is just a shorter list Power Adder :APS Twin Turbo kit, w/ APS Extreme fuel system, GReddy Turbo Ti-C exhaust. Engine Parts :Wiseco piston, Manley rod, Cosworth headgasket, bearing kit, Ferrea valve, spring, retainer. BC cams. Monitoring device :Defi boost, EGT, AEM UEGO gauges, Blitz boost controller. Suspension :Tein base Coilover Wheels : WORK Emotion XD9 Engine Control :TurboXS Utec (originally), Osiris (currently) Others : GTM fuel rails, J-Tune modified return system. OS Giken Tripe Plate Clutch Upgrades : Injector Dynamic 1000cc injectors


Sweet twin fuel pump system from the APS kit……..


All stripped down to the bare block, ready to be bore .020″ over


Full assembly in-house, blue print.By then, the project time has been prolonged…… because of the machining and few parts had been boxed wrong!!! We are trying to avoid these situation as much as we can…. but somethings just can’t be avoided (things happen)!!! especially with a high power build.Because of the prolonging of the project we had missed a lot of picture time!!!


Here is Jose and he is here to check on us… to make sure we are doing our job!!! HaHa… just joking!! we love our customers stopping by the shop to check out their projects This shows us that they care about their vehicles and the projects.


The engine is all back together, here we are finishing up the electronic installations.


Wraping all the wiring up and ready for the engine break-in………….. before the power tune!!!

Prepare for tuning, has the APS extreme fuel system and 850cc injector on TurboXS UTEC.

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