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2010 Nissan Nismo 370z

Nissan 2010 Nismo 370z

The customer had just pick this 2010 370 Z Nismo up about 1 week before he decided to do all these mods.

The Stillen cat-back is being install here.

Installing the Injen cold air intakes, we almost had to take the front bumper off.

Pair of fresh Berks high flow cat. Just got here in the morning

Both headlights and fenders were carefully taped as we were planning to take the front bumper off.

Fitting the Injen CAI system. Mods list –

  • Stillen Cat back Exhaust

  • Berk HFC

  • Injen CAI system

and coming next … you will find out later 8)

The exhaust wrap is removed, after the exhaust is fitted and installed

Fitting the Stillen dual tip muffler

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