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2009 Nissan GTR R35

2009 Nissan R35 GTR The Godzilla is no stranger to J-Tune, we had worked on the Nissan R32, R33, R34, R35. But this one is different!!

As we were informed by the customer that this is going to be a track ready GT-R, and we have to make his GT-R beat a purposely build Porsche race car!!

As one of the biggest problem lingers up to the 2012’s, going fast is easy in the GT-R, but it spares no effort to stop itself.

With over 50 years of history behind it, AP Racing should be able to control the beast

For the pursuit of ultimate braking power, we have decided to choose Endless racing pad.

With all the high speed braking and high temperature, we look no further than Motul brake fluid and stainless brake line by AMS.

After the brakes issue has be situated. Now is the transmission, we have call upon Greddy/Trust for help .

The Greddy Trans. cooler kit is one of the utmost compete and quality kit on the market

It also comes with dusting, metal hard lines and all necessary hardware .

After the proper precaution has been taking, is time for the power adders AMS 90mm downpipe and HKS legamax exhaust is just the beginning.

When it comes to exhaust sound, quality, fitment, i think we can all agree that HKS is second to none. There is no words can describe a sound of a HKS exhaust

High Temperature ceramic coating should help the hot exhaust gas escape from the turbos.

Last but not least as the phase 1 almost complete, the final mod require removal of seats, Carpet, trims.

Everything is out, and ready for the BR racing roll cage installation

BR racing roll cage is made of 4130 Chrom-Moly tubing. Haha sorry for the picture quality is taking by a cell phone.

The BR racing cage is 100% bolt on, so don’t worry about drilling and cutting your precious GTR . So you won’t lose the resale value**!! **But J-Tune will assure that after we get done with your GTR, you won’t want to sell it… ever!!!

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