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1995 Nissan 240sx

As we were informed by JB, this has been a long time project for him and we get the honor to put in the finishing touch.

Need to mount the intercooler first and then we get the pipings made.

Welding on the necessary bracket and making sure they are 100% fitted.

Test fit with the vertex front bumper. ( **bumper is for the shop S14 project, Just for you JB )

Test fitting the air filter for the fabrication of intake piping. By this time we already made the hot pipe to the intercooler and cold pipe to the throttle body .

Intake pipe has be made and we add in a recirculation tube for the BOV.

Vacuum manifold is added to keep everything working more efficient.

Wrapping up the little thing for the car, and ready to return to JB. Had to remove the valve cover and upper timing cover to double check ignition timing.

After we set the bigger injectors up with Nistune software, and cruise the vehicle to make sure everything safe. Is time for JB. to go for a drive Bye bye for now S14, we’ll see you after engine break-in, so you can unleash some power

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