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John’s Tc

Updated: Jan 15

John came to us with a dedication for more POWER, on a already turbo charged 2008 scion TC.  The turbo kit is from the most reputable and one of our most favorable company. With the GReddy turbo kit, with the 440cc injector and E-manage blue, it was putting down 216 whp at 6psi of boost on our Dynapack Dyno. So the project begins……. The Quest for More Power

John's Tc side view

First we have to gather information and all the available performance parts for John’s 08 TC, including engine internal parts like pistons, rods, cams. Also fuel system, engine management, and transmission upgrade etc. and after the careful and a confirmed research by us; John has patiently awaited for our call to give him the green light on his project.

A plan of attack and a full list of upgrade has been confirmed.

Here is the List below:

Engine Internals : CP pistons pairs with K1 Rods, ACL Race bearing, Cometic headgasket, Brain Crower Cams, Springs and Retainers.

Engine Machining : Cylinder block honing, Cylinder head port and polish, Engine blue print all in-house (at J-Tune) also with the help from our most trusted machine shop(Accurate Machine) on Cylinder head resurface and 3 angle valve job.

Cooling System : KOYO racing radiator, Samco hoses.

Fuel System : J-Tune custom fuel return system, Ptuning 900cc injectors.

Engine monitoring device : PLX AFR, EGT, and BOOST gauges, GReddy MAP sensor.

Engine Management : GReddy E-manage Ultimate.

Transmission upgrade : Quaife LSD, ACT 6 puck clutch kit.

Other upgrades : HKS turbo timer, SSQV blow off valve, EVC V boost controller, Ptuning 3″ turbo-back exhaust.

John's car being work on

First we need to built John’s motor so he can turn up the boost level on the GReddy kit. We decided to built the engine and let him break-in the engine and clutch, before anything else was done.

Before we know it, John has already broke-in the engine and clutch and he’s eager to continue the project, so the custom fuel return system, 900cc injector and 3″ Ptuing exhaust is added to vehicle, and is ready for tuning.

The Tune

John's tc1
john's tc 2

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