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1989 Toyota Supra Mark III

Toyota Supra Mark III

This has been a long coming project for J-Tune and Wayne H. (Owner of this supra), the dedication that both J-Tune and Wayne has put into the MARK III Supra is undeniable , and it’s been a privilege to work with Wayne because as we all know( or should know) that big project can be overwhelming and require planing, budgeting and patience.

Wayne first brought the engine by the shop and that’s were we start…

Removing the cylinder head getting ready for cleaning and port and polish.

Here is signs of head gasket problem as this is fairly knew for the 7M engine :-S

As for the rest of the block only showing normal signs of wears.

packing up the old pistons for Wayne, and you can see the side by side comparison of the turbo charger. (666)

some of picture from Wayne, we had lost some picture for the new motor because of camera memory card error

as this is the first time we have seen the car, the original paint and body looks magnificent

with the exhaust manifold and turbo charger on and we have to start fabricating the down pipe.

down pipe has been tack and ready for welding, we have created a lot more ground clearance as the old setup was hitting the road.

as mike finish welding the pipe, heat wrapping the down pipe can keep the engine temp. down 80% or more, side by side with the old down pipe.

mocking up the intake piping after the down pipe is done.

many people ask why we charge a lot to make the oil&coolant lines, instead of buying the universal turbo line for $49.99……………… look that’s why :tounge:

with hard line and P.T.F.E.-lined stainless braided hose this setup will last forever, and it won’t rub the lines,piping or harness.

wastegate dump pipe is made, and also needed to clear the down pipe.

all wrapped up, time for engine break-in, and coming back for tune


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