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February 26th, 2015

Project G

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Spring is coming in no time. Don’t wait until everyone else is rolling with their projects car to get to your project. Do it today!

February 10th, 2015

Stacking up parts for a cool NA project


Just a reminder, Winter time is the best time for your projects so you can enjoy your ride in Spring.

February 5th, 2015

370z Osiris Tune


Don’t forget we are NUMBER ONE comes to Osiris Tune on 370z. Check out our 5 stars rating on Google and Facebook and customer’s reviews says it all.

Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust on 2013 Honda Civic S

image.axd 1image.axd 2image.axd

JTune CarCare Card

JTuneCard 299 promo JTuneCard 1200promo

Times had come! We are now offering JTune CarCare Card. There is no Annual Fee, no early pay off penalty and deferred interest for 6 – 12 months!

J-Tune Tax return!! Setrab Oil Cooler Special                     * Updated

J-Tune is doing a special on custom oil cooler kit for Z and G. From 350z-370z to G35- G37

Few of our customer noticing there Z33/Z34 oil temperate was at around 230-250 during the summer heat. Please note that any oil temp at around 260-280 may caused catastrophic engine failure. That’s why we are doing a special on our oil cooler kit

Here is what included, ( that’s everything you need incl. engine oil )

  • 25 Row Setrab Oil Cooler
  • Mocal thermostatic Sandwich Plate
  • OEM Nissan oil filter
  • Motul 8100 100% Synthetic engine oil 5w30/5w40 x 6 liter
  • PTFE -10AN double-swivel Hose Ends ( 100% made in USA) * Double swivel makes the hose stress free, no more pulling or clocking hoses!!!!
  • PTFE -10AN Lined Stainless Braided Hose * PTFE=Teflon does not deteriorate, unlike SS braided rubber (EPDM or NBR) hoses
  • Custom fitted
  • All hardware and parts for installation  * With superior quality work/parts makes this the only kit you need. :lol:

**Please Call us to sent up appointment for the installation, Please call for Pricing quote!!

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Delaware Auto Show 2014

We really appreciate all the fans who came and show their support continuously. JTune heart U

WIN_20141004_121012 1922200_10152736423858118_4763103686060133375_n

Center of Attention.


We stole all the attention from Maserati. Sorry ~

Black or White

Photo: Watch out for this beast NYC @@ #370Z #UPREV #DYNOTUNE

Watch out for this beast NYC ! (6)

All JDM in the house. You know we are the best of this

JDM in the house

GTR, 350z x3

A nice pic shows what we do at J-Tune. 350z times 3

Seeing Double?


We offer dyno pull for FRS and BRZ. Check out the power you getting from the mod before putting them on.

Hong Kong Trip


Got tuning done in Hong Kong on a Fairlady. This fairlady getting some Osiris love. :tounge:

Delaware Auto Show 2013

DE Auto Show by Arthur T.


Custom Dynapack dyno tuning on 370z

Busy at Shop

Delaware Auto Show 2012

LED lights available at J-Tune

We feel that we must take this picture. It is so honor to meet another Nissan enthusiast.

1st step to Nissan Juke R?

We just figure you guys might want to see the Juke with the GTR wheels on. So here it is ….

Is no doubt crazy looking but it very well could be the first Juke R look-a-like in the US or at least the East Coast? haha

More pictures are at Juke section. HERE

See us in …

Feature on BERK Technology

J-Tune was featured at varies places such as …

J-Tune feature at : DETO International

J-Tune feature at  : Ill.Motion

J-Tune feature at  : Drink Nos

J-Tune is now on Facebook !! Wanna get first hand updates? Find us on Facebook and become one of our fan today for the most updated, hottest news and promotion !

Featured on Fueled Magazine 8-)

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