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What people says about J-Tune?

What we says we do or we offered doesn’t really matter. Let’s hear what our customer says about their experience at J-Tune.

PLEASE NOTE: J-Tune will and would never pay or compensate the customer in any ways for writing us a review. All of their reviews are based on their own feelings and experience.

Sajad, 2004 G35

“Great experience. Asked me what I wanted and planned the stages of my mods accordingly. Silver Metallic 2004 G35 Coupe, AT stock.. A blank slate screaming for performance mods. Can’t wait …feel like a kid in a toy store!
Wish list: Plenum spacer, intake mods, strut bar, compression test new platinum plugs, and maybe other stuff while Hok is in the engine. Suspension- adjustable coil-overs, new sway bars, a bunch of new bushings, cat back exhaust. Change fluids to premium ones, a lots of aesthetic stuff to make it look better.”

Brian Seo, 2005 Nissan 350z

“One of the best if not the best! What sets J-Tune apart from other places is how far they will go in great details to explain a situation when handling your car. I own a 2005 350Z and each time I go for service, whether it’s for a minor or major issue, they not only diagnose but they’ll also allow me to enter their work area and show me the problem area of my car.

This review is not a review or recommendation. They are the real deal! Love them!”

Brian Felzer, 2010 Hyundai Genesis

“Heard about J Tune through a few of the online forums and decided to check them out. Recently had them install an Ark Grip exhaust on my 2010 genesis coupe and couldn’t be happier. J Tune was in constant communication throughout the weeks leading up to installation answering all my questions and helping pick the best setup for my car. Installation was quick and exactly what had been invoiced. Because of how low the exhaust naturally hung, J-tune created an extra support to help raise and secure the exhaust better. All their work was double checked and they allowed me back to see what they had done before lowering the car. Their staff was very knowledgeable and gave great advice for moving forward.”

Mustafa, 2003 FX35 AWD

“I found J-Tune through the web and decided to go in and meet with the owner (Hok) to ensure that it was NOT another so-called tuning shop that does plug and play kits and install musket like exhaust that pierces occupants and neighboring drivers alike…J-Tune people are humble, classy car enthusiasts.

I was happy to find out that the owner Hok is an extremely dedicated enthusiast who refuses to compromise on quality and reliability. I recently took my 1st-gen Infiniti FX45 to Hok and have asked Hok to tinker with it. With the minor work that he and Mike (Technician and Master Fabricator) have put into my car…it made a huge difference in smoothing out throttle response, free flow exhaust and handling. What I like about these minor mods is that they are not intrusive and abrasive in style and sound; it’s a class act and have gotten multiple complements and even drive-by thumbs up from other enthusiast who frequent 95 hwy. More on exhaust sound notes…my previous one was too burbbly:) Loud pitch which I am sure must have annoyed the cars I passed by. The new exhaust totally sleeper under 2800 rpm; upon a healthy throttle depression and the FX45 comes alive with a deep and authoritative exhaust notes. This is thanks to a specially fabricated one of a kind drop cold air intake that Hok and Mike fabricated in house because none were made for fx45. It sounds beautiful thanks to the velocity stack that Hok had recommended. The sound is finished smoothly through a quality piece of hardware from Invidia, Gemini cat-back exhaust system with rolled titanium tips …totally finished the look from behind.

Besides professionalism and great workmanship…Hok, Mike and Niki were very nice work and talk to while I was waiting for my car to finish. I have spent entire days there because the car I am modding is also my daily driver. Thus far, work wise…Hok and Mike have giving me no reason but to go back to them and take my FX45 to the next stage of performance modifications; I have officially caught the modding bug…thanks J-Tune;)”

Scott, 2011 EVO X

“I brought in my 2011 EVO X to get some performance upgrades(Exhaust, Intake, Intercooler, coils, clutch upgrade etc..), and worked with Hok to see what they could do. I must say that I was very impressed with the knowledge, and professionalism of Hok and his entire staff. Hok was great as he helped me pick out parts for my car using his own knowledge and previous experiences to get the best products for my car. He easy could have recommended more expensive parts to up his income but instead he showed me products that were great quality for a great price. I could tell that he truly cares about his customers and what he can do for them. Niki was also very informative by giving me frequent status updates on part orders, and installation. My experience was everything that I could hope for, and I highly recommend everyone to give them a call if they are interested in getting any upgrades or maintenance work done to their vehicle.”

MJ, 2007 350Z Roadster

“When it came time to find a shop that could maximize the performance of my Z for the 2013 season, my search brought me across this gem of a shop nestled in Wilmington , DE .  If you are looking for a knowledgeable staff and top notch quality work then you have found them with Hok, Niki and Mike.  From the initial contact and follow up Niki coordinated all the logistics of scheduling and unlike some shops communication is timely.  Hok knows his stuff when it comes to performance parts and tuning and you can say he is a master at what he does.  Rounding out this team is Mike the lead mechanic, engine builder and fabricator extraordinaire.  I was impressed from the moment I rolled into their shop and see why people drive from all over (including myself) to have this team work on their ride.  What sets them apart is they will walk through your project/requirements and tell you what you may have missed and what could have negative results down the road instead of just slapping parts on getting you out the door knowing you’ll be back for them to fix it.  I can honestly say they look out for their customers and their vehicles.  They take their time and put great pride in their work as if each vehicle was their own.    Wanting a performance tune on my Z they pointed out some additional things like a trans cooler that would be beneficial and steered me away from unnecessary add ons.  Watching Hok tune my ride I could see the knowledge he brings to the table as he truly did a custom tune specific to my vehicle.  He took the time to work the car on the dyno and maximized what hidden power he could extract.   Driving the car afterwards I could tell a noticeable difference in power and responsiveness with it being in the power band more consistently.  The tune helped bring together and maximize the different components of the intake, high flow CATS and exhaust together with my specific engine and transmission.    As his customers stopped by during day and I got the chance to talk with them about their vehicles and the shop, all echoed the same experiences that I was witnessing for myself regarding this team.   These guys are true performance specialists and I was glad my search brought me to them.  When it comes time to put the twin turbos in my Z you can guarantee I’ll be trusting the Jtune team to do the work.”     

Gregg, 2003 Single Turbo 350z

“If you want the best service, the most knowledgeable staff and the finest craftsmanship performed on your performance vehicle, you should consider and look no further than Jtune performance in Wilmington Delaware. I have worked in the Aviation industry for 35 years and my expectations and standards are extremely high. I must say that the work performed on my vehicles by Jtune is of the highest quality and that they take the time to make sure that every detail no matter how small is addressed properly. Their staff Hok, Niki, Mike and Eddie are extremely nice and go the extra mile to make you feel welcome and to help you with any projects or ideas that you may be considering. They assist you in making the right decision the first time so you don’t waste your time and money on junk. They use the finest quality parts to go along with the finest quality work that they always do. They have installed a single turbo Kit , new clutch, sway bars, shocks ,gauges , etc. on my 2003 350z and an SR20 swap on my sons 240sx. After going to other shops and experiencing average work, then going to Jtune and getting excellent work I have chosen to be a customer for life. I plan on doing more business with them in the future as this car passion just grabs you and there is such a difference of how the car was and how it is after they are done with it. From suspensions to power adders to just routine oil changes, I would never let anyone else touch my car. I strongly recommend to anyone and everyone who has a Japanese or performance car to stop by Jtune and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. The reason that they are considered Nissan/Infinity specialists is because they ARE!!!”

Kevin, 2013 GTR R35

“JTune did an outstanding job designing the correct perf mods for my 2013 GtR Black Edition. I highly recommend Niki and Hok. They are probably the most conscientious owner/operators of an aftermarket performance shop for any model that there is…not an idle compliment as I have a few high end cars and all of them have been seriously upgraded at shops across the country…places boasting to be the best, places you have all heard and read about as bragging as the best…from Florida to CA, Georgia to Chicagoland. JTune’s shop is always organized, clean, and a friendly place to visit. They tell the truth and our humble in their assessments of proposed projects…Lol…which is such a rare thing among the big heads/big egos/big talk of most all tuners. If its going to take 3 weeks instead of the week you hoped for, they tell you. They also quote reality completed in a build project. …oh btw…I am not the type to throw dirt broadly at anyone so no names of the others who are not – unless you contact me and ask.”

Dave, 2009 GTR R35

“I became a Jtune customer for my 2009 GTR about 3 years ago in 2010. Since then, I have become a loyal patron for all of my and my wife’s Nissan’s for modifications and even general maintenance. Hok was knowledgeable about everything Nissan, and helpful in guiding me to modify Godzilla to a full blown roadracing terror. As I occasionally did my own personal research, Hok assisted me in understanding the pro’s and con’s of any ideas I had. Hok was detailed whenever he reviewed the changes and work he did to my cars. He taught me about issues to consider in the mods as well. He was also always honest with anything he did not know, or whenever there was an issue. His primary mechanic Mike is meticulous in his attention to detail. He is the perfect complement to Hok, and is a really nice guy. Rounding out some of their team is Niki, who is always fun and pleasant to talk to, as she provides accurate invoices and administration. Along with their exemplary team, their pricing was always fair, and as expected. As a CEO of a midsize firm, my standards are high, and Jtune has met those standards for me.”

Dr. Keith, 2004 Single Turbo 350z

“I appreciate the great job that you did correcting the problems …  The car is running better than ever and is a joy to drive … Thank you for your honest advice, attention to detail and outstanding work .”