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GTR Triple Treats

gtr triple treat


New Year New Power


Kraftwerks Supercharger on 2015 Civic Si – Newly installed kraftwerks supercharger on 2015 civic si.

On the dyno getting a custom J-Tune. Now ready to go with a smaller pulley and more


SuperCharger Day


Many cars at the shop getting turbo upgrades & install. Winter is the best time to get your project rolling so you be ready in Spring.

All Wheels In


YEP! It is that good of a Weds Wheel Deals. We got so many in. Come to the shop and find out what wheels best suite you!

370z Osiris Tune


Don’t forget we are NUMBER ONE when it comes to Osiris Tune on 370z. Check out our 5-star rating on Google and Facebook. Our customer’s reviews say it all.

Black or White

All JDM in the house. You know we are the best of this

JDM in the house

GTR, 350z x3

A nice pic shows what we do at J-Tune. 350z times 3

Seeing Double?


We offer dyno pull for FRS and BRZ. Check out the power you getting from the mod before putting them on.

Hong Kong Trip


Got tuning done in Hong Kong on a Fairlady. This Fairlady getting some Osiris love. :tongue:

Custom Dynapack dyno tuning on 370z

Busy at Shop

LED lights available at J-Tune

We feel that we must take this picture. It’s an honor to meet another Nissan enthusiast.

1st step to Nissan Juke R?

We just figure you guys might want to see the Juke with the GTR wheels on. So here it is…

Is no doubt crazy looking but it very well could be the first Juke R look-a-like in the US or at least the East Coast? haha

More pictures are at Juke section. HERE

See us in …

Feature on BERK Technology

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Featured on Fueled Magazine 8-)