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Please read this prior to purchasing parts and services from J-Tune Performance.

  1. All vehicle and engine modifications can result in fatal or serious injuries.
  2. Here at J-Tune, we value all of our customer’s car as it is one of our own car and when it comes to performance work, we like to take our time to ensure our quality works and safety for the customers. Please understand that J-Tune is not a dealership nor quick-chain shop that tries to overcharge on labor  hour. Safety is no. 1 priority when it comes to performance work.
  3. We understand other professional who prefer D.I.Y for installation and part purchases, however, J-Tune will not be responsible for any additional cost that it takes for installation if parts were not purchase through J-Tune.
  4. All vehicles that has been modified by vehicle owners or third parties will subject to a higher labor rate. See Service for detail.
  5. All customer supplied parts will subject a higher labor rate on installation. Please check with a J-Tune representative for detail.
  6. We will not be liable for any damages to the vehicle due to installation or purchase of parts done by other professional.
  7. Price estimate on installations or any other services subjects to change. Please understand the meaning of estimate. J-Tune will try the best to give out the most accurate estimates as possible.
  8. Price on invoice before is finalized is subject to change if there are any unforeseen problems. Customer has the option to authorize additional labor time for diagnosis or leave the car as-is. However, any diagnosis will subject to additional charges.
  9. Diagnosis cannot guaranteed a result. This is all part of a process of elimination.
  10. No negotiation is valid unless confirmed by the manager to eliminate miscommunication.
  11. All sales are final. No refund or exchange except for defective parts purchased through J-Tune. Buyer is to inspects part for any defectiveness prior leaving the facility with the product. Incorrect sizes, colors, or items are not an excuse. Please notes that J-Tune is not a department store, we are not responsible for customers who ordered incorrect sizes, color, or items.
  12. Due to the economic difficulties, many manufacture has discontinued on their products. Such products made part-searching process extremely difficult and therefore, J-Tune will not recommend our customer to purchase such products. However, we respect every decisions that our customer made; if customer insists on purchasing such product, J-Tune will not responsible for any no-longer-available parts.
  13. Customers are responsible for charges on labor and parts. All other services including but not limited to shipment handling, shipping postage, shipping supplies, car storage fee (we are a performance shop, not a private garage) etc., will subject additional charges. Refer to number 19 in Policies.
  14. J-Tune will fulfills our responsibility on parts ordering and for courtesy, we will try our best to track all orders that were purchased through us. However, we don’t have control over other companies. Therefore, if, it takes the company 3 weeks for shipment process, then 3 weeks it is. Unfortunately, J-Tune doesn’t have control over everything and will not be responsible for any problems created by other companies.
  15. Customer is responsible for all additional cost (car rental, insurance, gas etc.) during the period of vehicle being at J-Tune.
  16. J-Tune withhold its legal rights to any false accusations and statements that made without proof of evident. Accuser will be responsible for all loss due to its false accusations and statements.
  17. J-Tune recommend our customer to use the part comes with or recommended by the manufacture. Customer has the right the choose their own parts; however, J-Tune will not be holding any responsibility for failed fitting or failure to work on the vehicle.
  18. J-Tune expects a full payment on parts and minimum of 50% of labor at time or before vehicle drop off. Remaining balance and finalized invoice must be paid at time of vehicle pick up. Additional 5% late fees will applied every 14 days on any unpaid invoice. This is a customer responsibility to pay for invoices on a timely manner.
  19. All vehicles must be picked up within two weeks after project completion. After two weeks, J-Tune will charge additional storage fees at $15.00/day including weekends.
  20. Please note that here at J-Tune, we would like to help our community by providing excellent services with our professional knowledge; however, we cannot provide technical information over the phone or email. Any diagnosis will have to be schedule with our representatives and subject to diagnosis charges.
  21. Customer has the option to authorized additional amount for any related or unrelated problems/repairs that technician discovered or recommended.
  22. For customer convenience, customer has the option to drop off their vehicles one day in ahead of scheduled date with an early notification given to the J-Tune representative. However, J-Tune cannot guarantee indoor garage space will be available. Any vehicles that are left outside of J-Tune will be vehicle’s owner responsibility. J-Tune will not be liable if vehicle is stolen, vandalized or anything happened to the vehicle. We strongly recommend our customer to call in ahead of time to make sure there is garage space available at the time of drop off. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE OUTSIDE!

Please understand we are not using above policies to take advantage of our customers but for clarification and legal use purposes. All above policies subject to change without notification, please check back from time-to-time.