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2008 Infiniti G35 VQ35HR

2008 Infiniti G35 VQ35HR

Here is Angus’s G35 HR Sedan, and we really like his choice of wheels. It made this sedan looks really sporty  ;-)

As J-Tune’s approach to chase the higher performance of the vehicle, we’ve always looked in to safety first!!

So here is the one step colder spark plugs and trans. Cooler comes in before the tune.

We’re never disappointed with the Berks High Flow Catalytic’s quality and craftsmanship.

We like the Stillen trans. cooler but just have a different outlook on where we can mount it, Sorry stillen  :-P

Here you can see the different fitting and location, just had to make little bracket.

Injen intake is also one of J Tune’s favorite, just let it’s performance and sound speak for itself. FYI comes with washer reservoir wow..

Pair of Berks HFC – always fitted like a glove  8-)

Everything is done and fluid is checked, time for the tune? YEAHH……………………

The automatic transmission is kind of hard to master on the dynapack dyno, but that won’t stop us on tuning you(G35)!!!